Try Custom Rawhide Lamp Shades For Southwestern Interior Design

Retro Kitchen Decorating Ideas Luxurious Retro Kitchen With Chandeliers And Elegant Cabinetary And Ceiling Lamps

Retro Kitchen Decorating Ideas Luxurious Retro Kitchen With Chandeliers And Elegant Cabinetary And Ceiling Lamps

Decorating with custom rawhide lamp shades in your home will add authentic Native style to your interior design. The thing I enjoy most about decorative hand made lamp shades is the natural glow and inviting environment they generate no matter how they are used. These rustic rawhide shades are made of goat skin, and are perfect because of their diversity and ability to combine with all rustic style home decor and color palettes.

Perfect for use in rustic style homes and anywhere you would like to add wonderful country style, rawhide lamp shades are truly the greatest choice in western home lighting and for use on special lighting fixtures. The greatest part about leather shades is that they come in custom sizes and in natural dark or light rawhide. No matter if you are selecting a western lamp shade for a large area lamp or just need custom rawhide lamp shades for small chandelier or accent lamps, you will definitely be able to find the perfect one for your decorating needs.

The beautiful variations in color tones are what give the rawhide shades such wonderful character. Southwestern rawhide shades come in a stunning dark smoky look that permits the light to come through while creating a glowing warmth and inviting ambiance. The natural rawhide stitching gives the shade a characteristic rustic beauty and wonderful southwestern style. Whether buying a shade to add to your home decorating or as an accessory to rustic or log furniture, custom rawhide lamp shades will pull the room together to create great mountain cabin style.

Bleached rawhide lamp shades are a light cream color with natural brown, gold and rust highlights that are seen when the light is turned on. These cream colored shades are stunning when used with rustic wooden furniture and western accessories such as wood ladders or kiva style ladders. You will also enjoy how rustic rawhide shades combine with other rustic decorating accessories to make a wonderful harmony in country style and design. Use your hand made lamp shades with other rustic accessories like Indian baskets and ceremonial drums for fabulous pueblo, country, southwest or Native style.

If you enjoy the natural beauty of rawhide, you will also enjoy the incredible look of dyed rawhide lamp shades. These hand made lamp shades are an excellent way to add a touch of color to any room while staying within the same rustic decorating theme. Dyed shades are first lightened by bleaching and then tinted with dye to reach the desired color. The result is a brightly colored rawhide shade, with a unique grain pattern that is enhanced when lit.

If you would like to buy rawhide custom lamp shades to use with lighting fixtures you already have or to go on special wrought iron lamps, you can conveniently find them online and in many stores that sell southwestern home decor and accessories. No matter which kind of lamp you use along with your shade, you will appreciate the natural beauty and western style brought to your home decor when using custom rawhide lamp shades.

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