A Guide to Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

A Guide to Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

A Guide to Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Wrought iron patio furniture is classical and elegant. It complements just about any decor and is a beautiful and tasteful addition to just about any outdoor decorating plan.

To be completely accurate, the term “wrought iron” is often used incorrectly when it comes to patio furniture. Most iron furnishings are molded, meaning that molten iron is poured into a mold and allowed to harden. Wrought iron is actually heated and hammered – think of a blacksmith in an old western. Molded iron furniture is technically “wrought iron style” not truly wrought iron. For the sake of brevity we will continue to use the term wrought iron to refer to all iron patio furniture.

The Advantages of Wrought Iron Patio Furniture
One of the greatest appeals of worked iron furniture is its strength and durability. It lasts for decades without wearing or breaking. The metal is subject to rust, but as long as the paint is touched up now and then, corrosion won’t be a problem.

Wrought iron furnishings are solid and heavy so they stay put if the wind kicks up. If you are experiencing a wind strong enough to carry away this type of furniture, then you have bigger problems – like keeping your house on its foundation!

The metal is able to hold fine detail and elegant curves allowing for breathtaking designs that can complement even the most complex decor. Many pieces are still handmade by skilled crafters for a unique look that machine molding and assembly can’t match.

Although some furniture pieces have additional cushions, worked iron patio furniture is surprisingly comfortable even bare. The pieces are shaped to match the ergonomic curves of our own bodies so that they fit like a glove.

Shopping for Wrought Iron Furniture
Wrought iron furniture is available in a range of prices, but generally speaking, higher price means greater quality with this style of furniture. The highest price pieces are the ones that are hand crafted and are stunning choices if you can afford them.

Higher quality pieces tend to be made of thicker metal. The thicker metal will be more durable and last longer. However, even lower end worked iron furnishings will last many years.

Properly treated, worked iron will survive the elements without a problem. However its susceptibility to corrosion means you want the best coating available. A powder-coat finish is the most chip and scratch-resistant coating you can get and has become the standard. Don’t settle for anything less.

A matched set of table and chairs is a great purchase but certainly not necessary. The consistent look of worked iron means that it is easy to mix and match pieces knowing they will look good together.

Take your time when shopping for wrought iron. These pieces will last you a long time so be patient and find a set that complements your patio and will keep you happy for many years.

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